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Seven Best Restaurants to Visit in Colorado

By Bob - Posted on 17 September 2018

If a restaurant has good food, people will come to it. Good food is a good mood, and you want to taste the most delicious meals wherever you visit. Colorado is famous for its many places to visit and the fun things to do. Nothing is better than visiting a new place and eating good food, as well as relaxing.

Many factors count in ranking a restaurant as the best such as the services, quantity, and quality of food served, the ambiance and so on; food in most cases takes the lead. So, what are the seven best restaurants to visit in Colorado?

1. Del Frisco’s- Denver, CO

Del Frisco’s has been ranked the best restaurant in Colorado for its famous seafood and steaks which you never want to miss. Good food is a good investment, and meat lovers can't get enough of the food served in this place. There are diversity and variety in the dishes they serve, boasting of over 1,500 different wines hailing from all around the globe to compliment your meal. You will be stunned by its interior design.

Del Frisco's is a place for everything, worth of the best memories which you won't quickly forget. There are many options for dining here which include lounging at the bar, eating on the beautiful veranda or having the experience of your life in the restaurant’s three private dining rooms which are distinctive. Meat lovers would never want to miss a visit here.

2. Penrose Room – Colorado Springs, CO

If you want to have the ultimate and most exciting experience of all times, you will not find anything that beats Penrose Room; a five-star, five-diamond restaurant which is located in Colorado Springs. The restaurant is the most popular for serving European dishes which the four seasons that have well inspired the best local produce, seafood, and meats.

The restaurant's extensive wine list helps you best compliment your meal as well as delectable, handcrafted desserts; this is one of the places you should not miss!

3. Flagstaff House – Boulder, CO

If you have been wondering where to find the most mouth-watering Asian culinary and contemporary French dishes, Flagstaff House not only provides the best of these two delectable and breath-taking servings but also impresses its customers with amazing views of Boulder city.

With the best always getting a spotlight, the restaurant has severally been voted amongst the most popular in Colorado; this is no surprise since once you munch the signature dishes of the restaurant as you enjoy the incredible ambiance both inside and out, you will need no one to convince you that it is amongst the best in Colorado.

4. Nicky’s Steakhouse – Estes Park, CO

Situated in Estes Park, Nicky’s serves the best Northern Italian cuisine dishes, steak, and seafood in the past 43 years. The restaurant stands out in it uses non-saturated oils for cooking purposes, uses only natural and grain-fed meats, and for the chicken, no antibiotics or hormones are used. It is evident to judge why Nicky's Steakhouse is ranked amongst the top seven restaurants in Colorado because the services are well-put together and selected by top chefs, providing you with fabulous desserts, bread, meat, pastries and more.

5. Briarhurst Manor – Manitou Springs, CO

Space is necessary for a great restaurant, and the Briarhurst Manor gives you the chance to choose nine different rooms to dine in and be seated in. It is very beautiful and boasts of elegance and casual dining events. The top chefs have well-made the sweet dishes, and you get to choose what you need from a broad menu of the scrumptious dishes. Being one of the top-rated restaurants in Colorado, it serves the best domestic and game meat dishes, seafood, pasta, a vegetarian dish or signature salad and poultry among many others. The visit is a sure guarantee that it will be worth it.

6. Randolph’s – Denver, CO

Randolph lets you have fun with casualness and sophistication of the top-rated restaurants in Colorado in one place. You can dine by its inside fireplace in the summer on the patio, or in winter, as you listen to an incredible piano player and sip award-winning wines. The restaurant identifies with diversity, serving incredible American Cuisine meals which are globally influenced.

7. Flame – Colorado Springs, CO

Located at the Four Seasons Resort Vail, Flame is well designed with the beautiful Vail Mountains in mind. The name Flame signifies the restaurant’s iconic seared steaks that are served with Flame’s famous sauces. The restaurant’s signature side dishes include the Brussel Sprout Kimchi, Charleston Truffle sauce, Maine Lobster Potatoes, and Red Mountain Rub. One can choose to eat their meal indoors, or for a better serene view dine while overlooking the sunken pool of the hotel on the beautiful terrace.


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