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Diary #14 Campaign is Over.

Diary #13 turned out to be unlucky. I lost the election. Actually thought I was going to win, but the old boy network came out of the woodwork and the final tally was 209 - 265. Worked hard for six months to show voters I was serious about doing something positive for SJC, but couldn't overcome 24 years of intrenched incumbency. One good thing about the election - people voted NO on the BAD THREE amendments that I campaigned against that would have strangled the town, county and school budgets.

Short Documentary shot around Silverton

Hello all, I teach several media classes at a university in Oklahoma. One of them is how to shoot and edit sound-slides. Here is a link to one I shot this summer in the Silverton area. Hope you enjoy.

Campaign Diary #12. Important dates next week.

A little over three weeks left until the election on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Two important dates next week: Monday, Oct. 18, early voting begins; Tuesday, Oct. 19, Candidates Forum night, at Town Hall from 7-9 pm. We need everyone who's voting for Bob for County Commissioner to vote early. If we know who has voted we can concentrate on encouraging those who have not voted to get to the polls. In order to win we need all of our supporters to vote.

Campaign Diary #11. Man the Barricades! We're Under Attack!

This week a mysterious group called Friends of My Opponent placed an ad in the Standard warning that "Outside Interests" are seeking to control Silverton. Should we be alarmed? Prepare to defend ourselves? Call 911? First let's try to find out the identity of the "Outside Interests". Are they vampires? People with checkbooks?? Mining companies??? I'm glad somebody is concerned about Silverton. I'm running for San Juan COUNTY Commissioner and I've got that under control.

Campaign Diary #10 Rumor Control.

It has come to my attention that certain people, among them a well known Greene Street letter writing merchant, are spreading a rumor that if elected I will close certain back country roads. This is ridiculous. I support multiple use of the back country. Closing roads to vehicles would harm town and county businesses which is against everything I am campaigning for. If anyone mentions this rumor to you please tell them it is totally untrue. Thanks, Bob.

Campaign Diary #9. Transparency in county government.

Yesterday, Sept. 8, I attended the bi-weekly SJC county commissioners meeting. Medical Marijuana Public Hearing was on the agenda. When the marijuana item came up the chairman of the commissioners stated that he was against selling medical marijuana in the county. He then asked the four spectators at the meeting if they had anything to say on the matter. I spoke up saying that the public hearing had not been announced in the newspaper so no one knew about it so it wasn't really a public hearing. This is a problem with the Board of County Commissioners.

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