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Useful Exercise for Sciatica

There is nothing easy about sciatica pain. It is frustrating, it is hard to deal with, and if it gets bad enough, it can start to control your life. Always remember that the key to sciatic nerve pain is consistency. Simple daily activities will lessen the pain.

But let's face it, life gets busy, and sometimes we forget to do those simple daily treatments and exercises to ease sciatica pain. But today you are going to learn quick and easy pinched sciatica nerve stretches that you can do while you are already in pain.

Campaign Diary #5. Experience Counts. Or Does It?

My opponent has served a total of 24 years as San Juan County Commissioner. I have never run for public office. His ads in the Silverton Standard read "Experience Counts". This is my response.

Annual 4th of July Silverton Blue Ribbon Run, 2K, 5K, 10K

In the heart of the Colorado San Juan Mountains, Silverton’s “4th of July Blue Ribbon Fun Run” sports a 2K, 5K, & 10K course starting at Memorial Park, through the woods, and along the Animas River towards Howardsville. The course is primarily on dirt roads & paths with some paved surfaces, & 10Ker’s take a short sprint through a small stream.

Web cam


All I can see is the top of Kendall Mtn...most of the time the sun obscures the view. Can you tilt it down to see the town? Right now 5:21 EDT all I can see is the top of the mountain and blackness except for the power lines accross the screen. Do no misunderstand I appreciate what I do see.

George Stone

Space Station will pass over Silverton Sunday evening June 27

The ISS will pass directly over Silverton Sunday evening. If skies are clear this should be a nice sight even with the full moon lighting up the sky. The ISS will rise in the SW at 8:53 PM, pass overhead at 8:56PM, and set in the NE.

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