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Campaign Diary 4. The Bad Three.

The San Juan County Commissioners met last night, June 23. The main item discussed was Quad-County Resolution 2010-1 opposing The Bad Three, Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61 on the November ballot.

UPDATED: Web Cam is back!

I no longer have a location to place the web cam with a continuous broadband connection and a nice view. I am currently looking, but haven't found anything yet. Therefore, the cam will be down until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience!


UPDATE! Thanks to Silverton Realty for hosting the webcam! It's a slightly different view than before, but I'm very happy have them hosting the camera for me! Sorry for the downtime!

Campaign Diary 3. Lackawanna Bridge

This morning, June 9, I attended the San Juan County board of commissioners meeting at the courthouse. The main topic of discussion was closure of the Lackawanna Bridge. Read on for more.

Campaign Diary Installment 2.

Installment two of my San Juan County Commissioner campaign diary covers last night's county commissioner meeting held at the court house from 6:30 to 8:00 pm and broadcast on KSJC.

Campaign Diary

I'm Bob Boeder and I'm running as an unaffiliated candidate for San Juan County Commissioner. From time to time I will use Basecamp Silverton to keep county citizens informed of my campaign activities. Last night, May 20, I attended the monthly meeting of the Animas River Stakeholders Group. ARSG is a model example of community based problem solving, of local people taking responsibility for their environment.

Megan Kimmel wins in Russia!

From Megan's brother-in-law, Simon...

In her latest challenge she flew 10,000 miles in a trip that took her from her home town of Silverton across to Moscow and then down deep into southern Russia, a 72 hour journey to compete in one of the world’s most feared endurance races. A sprint and scramble up the 18,510 feet high Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in the Caucasus mountain range and depending on your view point, the highest point in all of Europe. And she won. Setting a new record for the fastest woman of 3 hrs 22 minutes. And to add an extra degree of difficulty she competed in the vertical kilometer the day before, a race from 2,500 meters to 3,500 meters. She won that too.

ISS Transits May 13-17

The International Space Station will make some prime time passes over the Silverton area.

May 13 9:51 PM The ISS rises in the NW, reaches maximum elevation in the NE, and sets in the ENE

May 15 9:05 PM The ISS rises in the NW, reaches maximum elevation in the NE, and sets in the ESE

May 16 9:30 PM The ISS rises in the WNW, reaches maximum elevation only 35 degrees above the horizon in the SW, and sets in the S

May 17 8:19 PM This should be the brightest of the bunch at maginitude -3. The ISS rises in the NW, reaches maximum elevation in the NE, and sets in the ESE

Good Morning Silverton from the Sandy Dunes of Dubai

It is time to come home to see friends & family & get back into the garden in the Rockies! Living in Dubai,the "Sea of Nations" (has over 180 nationalities) has proved to be a magnificent experience. Kyle & I have explored several UAE states & other surrounding countries. A special trip to Jordan took us to Petra & the Dead Sea which were awesome, & Jesus' baptism site along the River Jordan, near Ammon was inspirational.

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