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Please clean me , I need a bath , you camera lens , Thanks

Election Day

Everybody please go to Town Hall and VOTE today Tues 4-6

webcam date

Hi Matt - Are you aware that the date on the webcam pictures is one day behind?
Ready for spring yet?

Private history at Storm Peak

Back in 1983 or so while working for the gold mine there I became an EMT and volunteered at the World Speed Skiing championships right there in the same bowl where they reached 130 mph in this new sport. Met Stephen Stills wheezing at 11,500 feet,looking for some oxygen I think.

Snow Route/Winter Parking Information

Snow Route Information:

The snow route hot line is 387-5522 ext. 11. Call AFTER 5:00 PM to find out if snow routes are in effect (or check on the town's Twitter feed). When snow routes are in effect, no cars are allowed to park on Greene Street from midnight to 7:00 am. With respect to all other streets, as of 12:01 AM – just after midnight – on odd days of the month, park on the side with odd addresses; on even days of the month, be sure to park on the even side of the street.

Regardless of whether it’s snowing yet or if there is enough accumulation to warrant plowing that day, the Sheriff’s Department will begin ticketing shortly after midnight when a Red Alert has been established. Once all snow is removed from the prohibited side of the street, move your car as soon as possible to that now-cleared side of the street to allow Public Works to clear it as soon as possible. The Sheriff’s Department should not be ticketing cars that have been moved to the fully-cleared side of the street, regardless of odd or even numbering.

Hi from the UK

My wife and I stayed 2 days in Silverton September 2008. We loved it and are hoping to get back there for another short stay in 2010.We usually fly to Phoenix or Denver, pick up a rentalcar and take in some 2 - 3000 miles of the wonderful Southwest. Last time we stayed in Silverton we didnt manage to get out into the local landscape, something I regret. The great outdoors is the purpose of our vacations. We are not hardened hikers (bit old for that) but we love to stroll trails, enjoy the scenery and wildlife. If anyone can suggest some outings local to Silverton I would be grateful.

KMRCC webcam

Any info as to when their webcam will be back on line?

need local input

I'm looking at property on Co. Rd. 10, about 7 miles north of Silverton. Does anyone live out there, during any season of the year? I see on an avalanche map that the risk is significant in that area. Any thoughts?

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