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As a former resident of Silverton, I saw the article about this site in the newspaper and just had to check it out. Great idea! Wish it had been available when I lived there.


We used to have a small group of folks who got together and discussed the I Ching, took turns analyzing readings for each other, etc. It was a lot of fun, as well as broadening our understanding of the Book of Changes.


Look for Housing Survey to arrive in your mailbox soon...

Karen Hoskin asked me to pass on the following...


Silverton and San Juan County residents will be receiving a housing survey by mail any day now. The goal of the survey is to determine what the housing needs in our County look like, what kinds of housing might be added, and what demand there is for affordable housing projects.


Please complete and return the survey in the stamped envelope provided! The input of all residents is critical to the accuracy of the study.

Great opening day at Silverton Mountain

Opening Day @ Silverton MountainWe only had 12 hours' notice, but a great group of folks made it up to Silverton Mountain today for their 'Bonus Snow Day' (since they weren't able to open this weekend).


The snow was deep, and they had everything open between Colorado and Dolores (mostly in the trees).


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