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UPDATED: Web Cam is back!

I no longer have a location to place the web cam with a continuous broadband connection and a nice view. I am currently looking, but haven't found anything yet. Therefore, the cam will be down until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience!


UPDATE! Thanks to Silverton Realty for hosting the webcam! It's a slightly different view than before, but I'm very happy have them hosting the camera for me! Sorry for the downtime!

Megan Kimmel wins in Russia!

From Megan's brother-in-law, Simon...

In her latest challenge she flew 10,000 miles in a trip that took her from her home town of Silverton across to Moscow and then down deep into southern Russia, a 72 hour journey to compete in one of the world’s most feared endurance races. A sprint and scramble up the 18,510 feet high Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in the Caucasus mountain range and depending on your view point, the highest point in all of Europe. And she won. Setting a new record for the fastest woman of 3 hrs 22 minutes. And to add an extra degree of difficulty she competed in the vertical kilometer the day before, a race from 2,500 meters to 3,500 meters. She won that too.

Snow Route/Winter Parking Information

Snow Route Information:

The snow route hot line is 387-5522 ext. 11. Call AFTER 5:00 PM to find out if snow routes are in effect (or check on the town's Twitter feed). When snow routes are in effect, no cars are allowed to park on Greene Street from midnight to 7:00 am. With respect to all other streets, as of 12:01 AM – just after midnight – on odd days of the month, park on the side with odd addresses; on even days of the month, be sure to park on the even side of the street.

Regardless of whether it’s snowing yet or if there is enough accumulation to warrant plowing that day, the Sheriff’s Department will begin ticketing shortly after midnight when a Red Alert has been established. Once all snow is removed from the prohibited side of the street, move your car as soon as possible to that now-cleared side of the street to allow Public Works to clear it as soon as possible. The Sheriff’s Department should not be ticketing cars that have been moved to the fully-cleared side of the street, regardless of odd or even numbering.

Red Bull's Project X web site reveals more details on Shawn White's 'secret' half pipe from last winter...

If you were anywhere near Silverton last winter, you knew that something was going on up at Silverton Mountain. You knew that there was more buzz than usual (and not just from the new helicopter). You might have known that Red Bull had built Shawn White a ground-breaking private half pipe.

Now Red Bull has launched a web site to show off last year's 'Project X'. And it's a pretty in-depth site with photos, video, and stats on Shawn's little pet project.

Check out Red Bull Project X for what went down in Colorado Basin last winter...

UPDATE - Oct 30th- They just posted a new two and a half minute video today... check it out on YouTube here. And check out the in-depth article (and photos) from Transworld Snowboarding, here.

some of the first turns of the year in Silverton...

Michael Barton of Mountain Goat Ski Guides got some great turns yesterday, October 6th, from around 12,000 feet... 50cm of fresh snow, and a great start to the winter...

Check out the helmet cam video of his run on his blog,

Makes you wanna wax up the boards and get to hiking, doesn't it?



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