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lots of filming this past winter in Silverton...

By now, most everyone has seen last winter's Silverton Mountain segment in Warren Miller's 'Children of Winter'. Whether or not this was the impetus for a whole new crop of film crews to show up may not really matter... as they're out in force this winter.

In my regular news feeds and Google Alerts, I see most of what is being put up on the web from Silverton. Here's what I saw over the winter:

Teton Gravity Research was here in January with Dylan Hood and Dash Longe filming in the backcountry, and have posted some video to their 'Almost Live' series, titled 'Throwing down in Silverton, CO', and the newly-added Episode 3.

Poor Boyz Productions have been in Silverton for a few days now with John Symms, Simon Dumont, Peter Olenick, and Jake Largess, riding and shooting in the backcountry. They have written about it on [UPDATE: the guys wrapped up their trip with another photo/blog entry on on March 11th, and a post on Peter Olenick's blog.]

And, of course, Shaun White has been filming here for Red Bull and Burton. He just won another comp in Park City, UT, and talks about his time in Silverton in an interview on

You can bet that next fall's crop of ski and snowboard films will feature a lot of this year's great footage. Stay tuned...

Former Mobius Cafe Owner, Winston Churchill, reported missing since August 27th

Received an email today from a friend of Winston's... Turns out Winston has been on a summer-long trek from Denver to Durango on the Colorado Trail. He was being aided by friends who delivered food and supplies to him during his travels. Their last contact with him was on August 27th. He was last seen in the Uncompahgre Wilderness near Lake City by a sheepherder.

One of his friends has set up a blog with some information and hopes to create a central information point during the search.

Silverton Students Featured in Bay Area News Media During Trip

Spotted this article on  The Silverton students visited a high school in Oakland, CA, and were featured in this online article...

It took a while for the students to warm up to each other, but once they did, there was a flurry of e-mail exchanges and an enthusiastic group "thank you" by the end of sixth period at Oakland International High School.


Look for Housing Survey to arrive in your mailbox soon...

Karen Hoskin asked me to pass on the following...


Silverton and San Juan County residents will be receiving a housing survey by mail any day now. The goal of the survey is to determine what the housing needs in our County look like, what kinds of housing might be added, and what demand there is for affordable housing projects.


Please complete and return the survey in the stamped envelope provided! The input of all residents is critical to the accuracy of the study.

Great opening day at Silverton Mountain

Opening Day @ Silverton MountainWe only had 12 hours' notice, but a great group of folks made it up to Silverton Mountain today for their 'Bonus Snow Day' (since they weren't able to open this weekend).


The snow was deep, and they had everything open between Colorado and Dolores (mostly in the trees).




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