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Annual 4th of July Silverton Blue Ribbon Run, 2K, 5K, 10K

In the heart of the Colorado San Juan Mountains, Silverton’s “4th of July Blue Ribbon Fun Run” sports a 2K, 5K, & 10K course starting at Memorial Park, through the woods, and along the Animas River towards Howardsville. The course is primarily on dirt roads & paths with some paved surfaces, & 10Ker’s take a short sprint through a small stream.

Good Morning Silverton from the Sandy Dunes of Dubai

It is time to come home to see friends & family & get back into the garden in the Rockies! Living in Dubai,the "Sea of Nations" (has over 180 nationalities) has proved to be a magnificent experience. Kyle & I have explored several UAE states & other surrounding countries. A special trip to Jordan took us to Petra & the Dead Sea which were awesome, & Jesus' baptism site along the River Jordan, near Ammon was inspirational.


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