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Hi from the UK

By John - Posted on 22 December 2009

My wife and I stayed 2 days in Silverton September 2008. We loved it and are hoping to get back there for another short stay in 2010.We usually fly to Phoenix or Denver, pick up a rentalcar and take in some 2 - 3000 miles of the wonderful Southwest. Last time we stayed in Silverton we didnt manage to get out into the local landscape, something I regret. The great outdoors is the purpose of our vacations. We are not hardened hikers (bit old for that) but we love to stroll trails, enjoy the scenery and wildlife. If anyone can suggest some outings local to Silverton I would be grateful. We are not bothered about taking the train. I can drive to nearby trailheads etc.
About 5 years ago I created this website for folks new to the Southwest. it was meant mostly for Europeans but it is used by folks all over the world.
Hope to see ya'll next year.


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