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Private history at Storm Peak

By Rick Johns - Posted on 20 February 2010

Back in 1983 or so while working for the gold mine there I became an EMT and volunteered at the World Speed Skiing championships right there in the same bowl where they reached 130 mph in this new sport. Met Stephen Stills wheezing at 11,500 feet,looking for some oxygen I think.

If you go to the website titled shaun white private halfpipe at Silverton Mountain Basecamp and watch the you-tube video descending into Silverton, but especially the very end,when Shaun is riding in the yellow helicopter over the saddle and straight down the chute towards his halfpipe, I was screaming too because I skied that very chute on July 15, 1979 30 years ago now! I got the pics of that gnarly moment when it was much choppier to ski than riding in that chopper.

As a long time resident of Durango and Silverton and now the Pacific Northwest for nearly 25 years I felt I got the spots to write about what Whistler might be like in our imagination. I just published a book titled Whistler in the Rough and you can see it on and read all about the book and my biography.

Good times all the way around. Rick


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