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Red Bull's Project X web site reveals more details on Shawn White's 'secret' half pipe from last winter...

By Matt Lanning - Posted on 16 October 2009

If you were anywhere near Silverton last winter, you knew that something was going on up at Silverton Mountain. You knew that there was more buzz than usual (and not just from the new helicopter). You might have known that Red Bull had built Shawn White a ground-breaking private half pipe.

Now Red Bull has launched a web site to show off last year's 'Project X'. And it's a pretty in-depth site with photos, video, and stats on Shawn's little pet project.

Check out Red Bull Project X for what went down in Colorado Basin last winter...

UPDATE - Oct 30th- They just posted a new two and a half minute video today... check it out on YouTube here. And check out the in-depth article (and photos) from Transworld Snowboarding, here.


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