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Snow Route/Winter Parking Information

By Matt Lanning - Posted on 02 February 2010

Snow Route Information:

The snow route hot line is 387-5522 ext. 11. Call AFTER 5:00 PM to find out if snow routes are in effect (or check on the town's Twitter feed). When snow routes are in effect, no cars are allowed to park on Greene Street from midnight to 7:00 am. With respect to all other streets, as of 12:01 AM – just after midnight – on odd days of the month, park on the side with odd addresses; on even days of the month, be sure to park on the even side of the street.

Regardless of whether it’s snowing yet or if there is enough accumulation to warrant plowing that day, the Sheriff’s Department will begin ticketing shortly after midnight when a Red Alert has been established. Once all snow is removed from the prohibited side of the street, move your car as soon as possible to that now-cleared side of the street to allow Public Works to clear it as soon as possible. The Sheriff’s Department should not be ticketing cars that have been moved to the fully-cleared side of the street, regardless of odd or even numbering.

Town Board Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday of each month.

Jason Wells
Town Administrator
PO Box 250
Silverton, CO 81433

Other contact information:

Jason Wells, Town Administrator, [email protected]
Adam Sickmiller, Town/County Planner, [email protected]
Brian Carlson, Clerk-Treasurer, [email protected]
Anita Steck, Deputy Clerk, [email protected]
Dee Jaramillo, Building Inspector, [email protected]
Gilbert Archuleta, Public Works Director, [email protected]


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