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Tea Tree Oil Scabies And More

By dougjlacy - Posted on 06 September 2010

Certain mites can cause an infectious skin disorder called scabies. Simply coming into contact with an infected individual can cause you to contract the infection. Many medications made with synthetic ingredients can be effective but they may be harsh for the skin. Complementary therapies often work given the constant improvements in medical care.

Treatment for scabies includes the application of a lotion or a tea tree oil scabies cream on the infected areas. Some of the most affected body parts include knees, elbows, skin folds around the wrist, and webbing between the fingers. You will also need a non-toxic bed bug treatment to get rid of the bugs. We have listed down some of the home based treatments for scabies as below.

Squeeze and rub fresh apricot leaf juice on the infected location - it is thought to be good for the skin.

You can also make a paste out of turmeric powder and Neem leaves with mustard oil. Put the paste onto yourself and leave it there for an hour or more, then later do that again continuing til you aren't itchy any more.

Extract juice from about 400 to 500gms of drumstick leaves and add an equal amount of sesame seed oil. This formula is known for its abundant anti-microbial properties to cure scabies.

Sulphur and gamma benzene Hexachloride are in lotions available in the market. Prior to putting the lotions on make certain to scratch all of the red bumps. Try to avoid contact with people who have been infected.


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