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Tooth Ache Relief From Household Items

By britjensen - Posted on 26 August 2010

It doesn't matter what reason there is for a toothache, it's difficult not to pay attention to it, and a lot of individuals would rather use household remedies for the pain instead of visiting a dental health professional. Not liking dentist, or not having insurance, are two reasons for this. If you ignore a toothache, it will just get worse and worse until you are finally forced into action.

First of all, you can probably take something you have around the house already like ibuprofen or aspirin to help with tooth ache relief for a short time, but it will only be a temporary fix. Heat products can assist for some time, but they aren't lasting treatments. If you have an infection a heating pad could make it worse, so don't use one unless you can't do without it. Ice is a great short-term anesthetic.

It is especially beneficial to understand the reasons for the pain. Do you have any of these issues such as an abscess, infection, decay, cracked teeth, or food stuck between your teeth? Of course, this is also known to create pain. So to begin with, rinse your mouth out very thoroughly and brush and floss your teeth to be sure you don't have anything stuck. Sometimes you won't even realize it is there. If it's a food that's causing pain you'll feel much better when you stop eating it.

If this toothache relief has not worked either, use a saline rinse. If your gums are sore, this rinse will also be beneficial for that soreness too.


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