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By chris - Posted on 30 November 2017

Times are different, and we need to celebrate the arrival of new ones while bidding goodbye to others. We make it possible when we gather together at parties with family members, colleagues at work or even a bunch of friends. We cannot ignore the nice moments we have had when hanging out on a boring weekend out of work, or far away into the remote land. Below are events due to happen that will blow your mind. Check them out and do not miss any; staying happy is not a choice it is a requirement or should I say a basic need?

Downtown Boulder’s Fall Fest

The event will be on climax this Sunday. Prepare to usher in autumn season in style while listening to some cool music and enjoying the best brands of beer. Summer is over, and autumn awaits to unravel what is in store.

Mountain Harvest Festival

In two weeks this colorful event will be happening. The annual celebration of harvest by people from the town of Paonia is just awesome. Live concerts, farmers’ markets, beer, and wine tasting rock the event. If free, this is a must attend event!

Homebuyers workshop

In two weeks there will be a homebuyer workshop. Propellers of the event are Fort Carson Army Community Service (ACS). Attend the workshop and learn the following:

  • Choosing a real estate
  • Selecting the right house
  • Which mortgage is good
  • What closing process is

Events or seminars are worthy when attended. They are full of fun and impart us with. They also provide us with a chance to explore the world differently. Find some time, and attend one of the events or even the workshop and tell us the experience.


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