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4th of July Parade Results

By gear-exchange - Posted on 06 July 2008

Congrats 2008 Winners!
At least 34 parade entries, some involving several vehicles, stretched out nearly a mile over the entire parade route. Candy and beads flew through the air as a team of anonymous out-of-town judges made the award selections.

1st: Fire Department Eagle Float
2nd: Molas Lake Beach Club
        (Villa Dalle Valle)
3rd: American Legion/VFW

Theme (Town Hall Centennial):
1st: Silverton Brewery
2nd: Shady Lady
3rd: Handlebars
Honorable Mention: Eureka Lodge

Best Children's Entries (and young at heart):
1st: Durango Unicycle Club
2nd (tie): Silverton Family Learning Center and A Theater Group
3rd (tie): Silverton Old Bicycle Society and Silverton Patriots

Special Awards:
Award for Best Sound and Endurance: Silverton Brass Band
Best Animal Entry: Bernese Mountain Dog pulling cart
                             (part of Natalia's entry)
Largest Entry: Red Mountain - 30 4x4 vehicles!
Heaviest and Most Helpful Entry: CDOT's "Monster"
       with special thanks for keeping our roads clear this winter!
Rustiest Entry: Silverton Grocery
Most Entertaining Vehicles: Al Katy Temple Tin Lizzies

Complete List of 2008 Parade Entries

Parade route loop (just under a mile):

  • Down Greene Street from Court House,
  • Left onto 14th Street,
  • Right down Blair Street,
  • Right up 9th Street back to Greene Street,
  • Looping back up to 14th Street (Town Hall)



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