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What Is a Good Research Paper and How to Write It?

By Bob - Posted on 04 September 2019

In order to get great grades in college, you need to comply with every subject. If that means you have to make a research paper for each one, you should.

But writing a research paper doesn’t really guarantee those A’s. While it may seem hard, you have to write a good research paper. First, know what qualities are considered good, and then write one like it.

Qualities of a Good Research Paper

In order to write a good research paper, you should know first what makes them good. Below are the qualities of one:


First of all, a good research paper is based on the works of others. It doesn’t mean you’re plagiarizing other’s works. It’s not simply copying and pasting what they said in your own documents.

What this means is that you have a proper basis by citing reliable sources. These are published books written by industry leaders and journals done by further studies. Your sources are factual and have been proven to be true by others before you.

The conclusion of your research should be verified by the data you acquired. It should be verified by you as well as other people.


A research paper is something that you can actually do. Someone has done it before and now you’re replicating it. The ones after you should be able to do the same.

That is because you have based this on a logical rationale. It’s important that your paper is tied to a theory. This way, your work can be replicated in the future and perhaps present a more potential outcome.

Generates Questions

Your research should be something that can generate new questions about the topic.

For example, someone has proven that a certain plant can cure diabetes. Now your aim is to raise a new question of whether a certain fruit can. If so, what components are similar between the two?


A good research paper normally addresses a real problem in the world. It can be a localized problem, or it can be something as big as climate change. When looking for a topic, choose something other people can relate to.

Besides likely finding an answer to a lingering problem, you also can find data around you.

Genuine Interest

But perhaps the biggest quality of a good research paper is it has piqued your interest. It’s something you really want to work on. You have invested in time and effort to create this paper. And it’s not only because you have to but also it’s because you want to.

With that said, ensure that your topic is something genuinely interesting to you. Once you have a topic like this, it’ll be much easier to write your paper.

How to Write a Good Research Paper

Now that you know the qualities of a good paper, it’s time to start making one.

To help you, here are a few things you should never do:

  1. Stray away from things that have been discussed
  2. Look for an answer that can never be found
  3. Make up false data to prove your answer
  4. Plagiarize the work of other people
  5. Misinterpret data and mislead your readers

Now that you know the qualities of a good paper, it’s time to start making one.

Find a Topic

The most important part of your paper is the topic. Your whole research will revolve on this. Even your thesis statement should be based on a certain topic.

A topic should be specific and manageable. If you choose a topic that is rather broad, it will feel a lot like a general overview.

As we stated earlier, the topic should be something you’re interested in. It should be something that is challenging for you. But it’s also something you enjoy learning about and solving.

That also means it’s something within your level of understanding. Try not to choose a topic that’s too technical and end up not understanding what you’re doing.

Create a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the star of your research paper. It’s that one sentence that presents the main idea or the central message. The arguments that you’ll be making in your paper should reflect it.

Thesis statements normally consist of one or two sentences at the most. It should be concise and strong. Additionally, it should present the point and your position regarding the topic.

Most of all, it should tell what your paper is all about.

Once you create a thesis statement, put it in the last part of your introduction. Never bury it somewhere in the middle of your paper or at the very end.

Do Your Research

The research will likely take the most time of your paper. You need to find sufficient data that will support your argument. But you can’t just take anything you see online; you also have to verify if the data is true.

You must also use proper citations for your paper. Most of the time, your professor will limit the use of websites as resources. That means you might have to do it manually and read some books. Visit the library as often as you can.

Find books and journals that can help with your paper. If you can’t find them in a library, check the internet. You may find scanned pages and PDF files.

Buying a Research Paper

Although we recommend that you do write your own paper, some can find it almost impossible. If you simply have no choice, you can find “write my research paper” type of services. This means you can hire an academic to write yours.

This is known as a research paper writing service. You can also find essay writing services online that can write essays and reviews for you.

If you choose this option, ensure that you find a reliable company to work with.


Most college students have to write research papers from their freshman to senior years. It usually happens at the end of a semester. The first time can be confusing and hard. But always remember the tips and follow them. When you do it for the next time, it’ll be easier.


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